What to expect on a photography tour?

My photography tours aren’t luxury tours or food tours.  They are primarily landscape photography tours.

The trips are quite intense in terms of shooting time. I want to maximise your chances of going home with great images. We will be on location before sunrise and shooting all day until after sunset. Half way through the trip, we’ll do a sunrise shoot then head back to the accommodation to have the middle of the day off, and back out again for sunset. Everyone will appreciate this!

Locations: I’m a huge advocate for slowing down and taking a location in and really working a scene.  You won’t be rushed and only get 5 minutes at a location. We’ll spend as much time as needs be.

Accommodation: Where possible I will do my best to get accommodation where you have your own room in our shared house. There have been cases in the past where this hasn’t been possible, therefore participants of the same sex will share a room with each other (twin beds).

Transport: I will always rent a car where you have a space between you and the other person. As my tours have a maximum of 5 persons per trip, that means we will travel in a 9 seater mini bus.  If 3 people come on a tour, I will rent a 5 seat car or 4×4. You will never be crammed like sardines into a car.

Aurora Borealis: If we’re in Iceland/Norway or any location where there is a chance of seeing Northern Lights, if we’re out shooting quite late, we will have a later start the following day and won’t be up for sunrise.  This is for our own safety.  I need to have a minimum of 6 hours sleep to ensure I’m good to drive safely.

Food: All my tours are self catering. We will visit the supermarket on the day we arrive and gather what’s needed for a few days so that we can bring packed lunches with us each day. We will revisit the supermarket a couple of times throughout the trip too.  There will be opportunities throughout the trip to visit cafes and the odd restaurant if we have time. But primarily, we will be eating as we go.

Tuition: Although my photography holidays are sold as tours, I’m at your complete disposal to help and teach you everything I know about photography.