Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to questions i get asked the most.

are you a real company?

Yup! I’m registered as self employed, I pay tax & insurance every year. My name is Tyler Collins, my registered business address is my home which is 53 Brookview Glen, Eglinton, Northern Ireland.

You can email me on [email protected] and if you want to chat to me over the phone you can give me a ring on (+44) 07511 743 810.

are you vaccinated against covid?


What are the sleeping arrangements?

Post covid, wherever possible I try and get accommodation that allows everyone to have their own room. Failing this, you will share a room with another guest of the same sex only. You have to remember that we will only be using the accommodation for sleeping in, and also preparing food, 90% of the time we will be out taking photos.

Will we definitely see the northern lights?

No. The Northern Lights is a natural phenomenon just like the weather and therefore it can’t be controlled. However in the evening, regardless of clouds and if we have clear skies, we will be outside trying.

What is self-catering?

Self catering means that we will prepare our own food for the day from groceries that have been purchased at a supermarket.  That’s not to say we won’t be stopping at cafes, gas stations to grab a quick bite – especially for coffee!  We will eat at 1 restaurant on the day we go to Vestrahorn.

Can I bring food with me?

As long as the food is not fresh food then you can bring food with you, things like noodles, energy bars, cup-a-soups, pot noodles etc anything really that is sealed. The usual rules apply when traveling from country to country.


Yes and no.  It all depends where you are coming from.  I find coming from the UK prices are similar, sometimes slightly more expensive.  If coming from the Eastern Europe or USA you will find it more expensive.  Over 7 days I find I spend roughly £200 on food, this includes eating in a restaurant one night and gas station stops for coffee and snacks.

Are flights included?

Flights are not included in the price. It is your responsibility to book your own flights to and from the destination. You need to book an outward flight to the start point, Reykjavik to arrive no later than around mid-day on the official start day. The earliest leave date is any time on the official end date.

However, do not book your flights until the tour is designated as a Guaranteed Departure.

How many people are on your tours?

I want my tours to be as personal as possible and this is why my tours are true small group tours and are limited to no more than 4 people per tour.

Some tours, like the Pyrenees 4×4 Adventure Tour will only have a maximum of 3 persons.

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