Packing Guide

Here is a comprehensive packing list for all necessary items. It can comfortably fit into a standard size suitcase or duffel bag, along with your tripod, and will not exceed any airline weight restrictions. Your camera equipment should always travel with you onto the plane, with additional space for items such as a waterproof jacket and gloves.

It should go without saying, pack as light as possible.


1x hiking boots (make sure they have been broken in)
1x lightweight shoes (always nice to get out of the boots)
1x waterproof coat
1x waterproof trousers
3x merino wool t-shirts
5x wool socks
1x thermal trousers
1x down or insulated jacket
1x pair of gloves
2x hiking trousers
1x thermal trousers
1x woolen hat
1x neck buff

Photography Gear

Camera bag
1x DSLR or Mirrorless Camera (you can bring a backup if you wish)
1x Wide Angle Lens (16-35)
1x Zoom Lens (24-70)
1x Telephoto Lens (70-200)
1x Lightweight Tripod
Filters (CPL/6 Stop/10 Stop)
1x Cable Release or Intervalometer
Multiple Batteries
Multiple Memory Cards
Battery/Camera Chargers
Shower Caps


1x Headtorch
1x Powerbank
1x nalgene bottle
1x aeropress go
1x flask
1x first aid kid
2x travel adapters (Euro 2 pin)
1x multitool
1x sunglasses
1x pair cleats (for ice and snow)
And Medication you need