Full Day 8 Hours

One to One Photography Tuition

A one day photography workshop (8 hours) is offered throughout the year at a time and date convenient to you. These private photography lessons are designed around you to help improve your landscape photography, create better images all while being inspired and having fun.


Causeway Coast or Donegal


Full Day 8-10 Hours

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

Group size

Just you or bring 1x friend!


When it suits you.

Activity level



These one day photography workshops are practical based and out in the landscape, there is no better way to improve your landscape photography than by actually being outside and creating images and learning how to use your camera.

The workshop and tour is completely tailored to you and in the areas in which you would like to improve.

8-10 Hours Full Day

What to expect

My One to One Photography Tuition Workshops are generally based along the Causeway Coast or anywhere in County Donegal. Both areas are incredible for photography and locations I have photographed extensively so you’ll benefit from my local knowledge ensuring we’re visiting at optimal times.

Private photography lessons are all about you and designed to help you improve your landscape photography, create better images, be inspired or they can be used to get you to new locations!

I don’t confuse you with technical photography jargon, it’s all in plain English and explained in a way that you will easily understand.

Once you’ve booked, we will agree on a date, time and location.

What's Included?

What you'll learn

As this is a private one to one photography workshop, I’m at your complete disposal to help and teach only what you want to know about photography.

Here are a few examples areas if you need inspiration.

Camera Settings: It starts with the basics. RAW, Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Learn how and when to use the various modes on your camera to get the shot you want.

Composition: Composition is everything in landscape photography. Learn how to compose a landscape photograph.

Long Exposures: Learn how to use long exposures so you can create dramatic and interesting photographs.

Histogram: Learn how to read your histogram so that you’re exposing correctly and capturing maximum data with no clipping.

Low Light: Learn how to shoot the night sky from exposure to focusing.

Editing: Learn how I edit my photographs using Adobe Lightroom Classic with final touches in Photoshop.

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Tyler Collins

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