I’ve lost count now how many people who’ve come on my tours have said I’m underselling myself. I don’t believe I am. It has always been about the lifestyle for me, being outside in nature, meeting new people, and creating what can be once-in-a-lifetime experiences for people. I believe my tours & workshops are priced fairly. I want my tours & workshops to be affordable to most people; it has never been about the money and bringing the maximum people the van fits. I want my tours to be personal. I want people to be comfortable when traveling in the van, and I want to help people. If there are 10 people, then how can I help all of them at the same time? That’s why I have a maximum of 5 people per tour, one space between you and the other person, making sure you’ve got plenty of room and that you can get ample one-on-one time with me.

Accommodation is based on twin rooms. The rooms are generally used only for sleeping.

I will put you in the right place at the right time, and that’s why my tours & workshops are based around sunrise and sunset as this generally produces the best light. But that’s not to say we won’t be out shooting in the middle of the day. If conditions are right, such as dramatic skies, showery days, or dappled light, then you can still shoot. Blue sky days don’t inspire me much, so this time is used to either catch up on sleep, edit your photos, or to just have some time to yourself.

All my tours are self-catering. We will visit the supermarket on the day we arrive and gather what’s needed for a few days so that we can bring packed lunches with us each day. We will revisit the supermarket a couple of times throughout the trip too. There will be opportunities throughout the trip to visit cafes and the odd restaurant if we have time. But primarily, we will be eating as we go.

I’m a huge advocate for slowing down and taking a location in. You won’t be rushed and only get 5 minutes at a spot. We’ll spend as much time as needs be.

Although we do visit many iconic landscape locations where the main focal point is clearly obvious, I don’t tell you exactly how to frame your photos. Instead, I encourage people to discover their own way of capturing the scene. Everyone sees something different. There is no right or wrong way to take a landscape photo. I will maybe guide you on what to focus on, and then, while we’re still out in the field, I will review and provide feedback on your images, offering advice on how to enhance your image.