Why I’m not overly active on Social Media

Tyler Collins


In a world dominated by social media, finding the right balance between online presence and real-life engagements can be a delicate dance. As someone who runs a business, I’ve often grappled with the love-hate relationship I have with these platforms. While they are essential for my business, I’ve chosen to take a step back for a few reasons that many can likely relate to.

Time Management Woes:

Time is a precious commodity, and social media has a way of making it slip through our fingers unnoticed. The constant stream of updates, notifications, and tempting rabbit holes can easily turn a few minutes into hours. For someone juggling business responsibilities and personal life, maintaining control over the time spent on social media is crucial.

Distraction and Information Overload:

In the visual world of photography, staying true to one’s unique perspective is paramount. The overflow of visual stimuli on social media, from trends to filters, can dilute the authenticity of my work. By minimising my exposure to the constant stream, I can stay grounded in my creative process and produce work that reflects my artistic vision.

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Mental Health Matters:

The impact of social media on mental health is a widely discussed topic. The pressure to curate a perfect online image and the fear of missing out (FOMO) can take a toll on one’s well-being. Recognising the potential negative effects, I’ve chosen to prioritise my mental health by limiting my exposure to the curated highlight reels that social media often portrays.

Real-life Connections Over Virtual Ones:

While social media connects people across the globe, it can sometimes hinder meaningful face-to-face interactions. I’ve found that investing time in building and nurturing real-life relationships has a more significant impact on my happiness and well-being. Choosing to be less active on social media allows me to allocate more time to these in-person connections.

Comparison Detox:

In a world where likes and follows quantify success, photography is about more than the number on the screen. By distancing myself from the comparison game, I can focus on my unique artistic journey. It’s liberating to create without the constant pressure to conform to trending styles and themes, allowing my work to evolve authentically.

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Productivity Boost:

As a business owner, productivity is key. Social media can be a double-edged sword, offering potential business opportunities but also serving as a significant distraction. By consciously limiting my social media usage, I’ve reclaimed valuable time that can now be channeled into more productive endeavors.

As a photographer navigating the social media landscape, it’s crucial to find a balance that preserves the essence of my art. By stepping back from the constant comparison, I’m not only safeguarding my mental well-being but also allowing my photography to thrive authentically, capturing the true essence of life beyond the digital frame.

Tyler Collins

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