Isle of Skye Trip Reports

Impressions of the Isle of Skye

Tyler Collins


Here’s the deal: I’ve been struggling to write my trip reports. It’s been a real pain in the neck to spend anywhere from 24 hours to almost a week or more trying to put my experiences into words. So, moving forward, I’m changing things up. I’m going to let my images do the talking. Now, keep in mind that this collection of images (and others) won’t just be made up of landscapes. It’s more of a visual diary of everything I saw and experienced while I was there. And that’s something I always try to encourage anyone on my trips to do: shoot what you see.

I’ve just spent 5 days leading a group of photographers around the Isle of Skye with the ever-so-lovely Sarah Howard from Image Seen. It was my first time collaborating with Sarah and compared to my previous trips where I’ve had to battle non stop wind and rain, this one went fantastic with the weather actually playing ball 90% of the time meaning we got to enjoy the locations a lot more. Only really on the last day did we struggle with low hanging cloud and rain.

I made a bold decision to leave my trusty D850 at home and take only my beloved Fujifilm x100v. Now, if you happen to follow me on Facebook or Instagram or have been on a trip with me before, you’re probably aware of my undying love for this little gem of a camera. Will I do this again? I’ll tell you once I return from the Faroe Islands where I’m going on Monday with 4 new friends!

Hope you enjoy the images.

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